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Głowa Rządzi Podcast

Dec 9, 2023


It is a true pleasure to host in my podcast yet another friend of mine who studied with me in Finland. This friend is Janaina Fogaça a sport psychology researcher, practitioner and supervisor. In this episode she is presenting her outstanding systematic review on professional development of sport psychology practitioners, which she turned into a model of development. It is not often that researchers get to talk about their paper for this long, outside of conferences and congresses, so I am very glad to open this opportunity. Sport psychology friends and colleagues! Go ahead and enjoy this eposiode by delving into this model. See for yourself where you are at! What you’ve done so far, and what is still missing? Let me know in the comments. And also pass the show on!

Full research paper available here: Professional development of sport psychology practitioners: From systematic review to a model of development - ScienceDirect